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Are you cold all the time? 7 health problems give the possible explanation

If you are #cold all the time while the temperature of the room you are in is normal, and you are still cold then you should consider 7 health problems that may be hiding the answers:


#diabetes can cause problems in blood circulation bringing with it the #shivers.

▪ High #sugar levels can damage small blood vessels, preventing blood circulation.

#Hypothyroidism slows down metabolism, leading to a drop in core body temperature.

▪ With #vitamin_B12 deficiency, the body does not produce enough healthy red blood cells to supply the whole body with oxygen.

▪ Decreased blood flow due to poor circulation and #reduced_exercise can make your hands and feet feel much colder than the rest of your body.

▪ Lack of #sleep, body temperature drops to the lowest point during sleep.

▪ When the body does not have enough #fluids, it cannot maintain a normal temperature and this can lead to fever-like symptoms such as chills.


If you have a cold all the time, you need to discuss the problem with your doctor so that we can carry out all the #analysis to find what elements we are lacking.

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