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15 signs of thyroid

Do you know that more than 12% of our population are patients with #thyroid diseases. But before the #examination and #diagnosis what are the signs that will make us understand that the thyroid is not working properly.

1. Physical exhaustion

2. Bad mood

3. Nervousness and anxiety

4. Changes in taste or appetite

5. Confusion

6. Decreased libido

7. Arrhythmia

8. Skin dryness

9. Gastrointestinal problems

10. Pain in limbs or muscles

11. Hypertension

12. Changes in body temperature

13. Problems sleeping

14. Weak hair and hair loss

15. High cholesterol

The thyroid is the largest endocrine gland in the human body. It is shaped like a butterfly and is located at the base of the throat, in front of and on either side of the trachea. It produces hormones that regulate #metabolism, growth and body temperature.

If the gland is underactive, it produces small amounts of the hormone (hypothyroidism). Conversely, if it is overactive, it produces excessively large amounts of the hormone (#hyperthyroidism).

Thyroid disorders can be due to hereditary factors, stress, toxins from the environment, an autoimmune reaction, etc.

Talk to your personal doctor. With a simple examination, we #prevent before the symptoms burden your daily life.



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