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Helping Your Child Overcome the Fear of Blood Tests

👦🩹 Simple Ways to Address Their Concerns:

• Be Honest: Tell your child the truth about what will happen. Saying "you won't feel a thing" isn't accurate and can lead to disappointment. Instead, explain that they may feel a little "pinch" that will pass quickly.

• Explain the Reason: Describe why it's important for them to have blood tests and how staying still for a few seconds during the procedure is necessary.

• Avoid Extra Scolding: Crying is a normal expression of emotions, and your child shouldn't feel inferior or ashamed of their feelings.

• Lead by Example: Children mimic their role models, so be mindful of what you say or do in front of them regarding similar medical procedures.


Preparing a child for tests at the lab can be challenging, and our trained staff will be there for them, especially when they have fears about blood tests.



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