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11 reasons why you feel tired all the time.

Stress, increasing obligations, working long hours, are just some of the causes of #permanent_fatigue.

#fatigue is chronic intense #fatigue and can be accompanied by headaches, dizziness, muscle aches and confusion.


Below we have collected 11 common reasons that worsen symptoms:

▪ You are in a period of exacerbation of your allergy.

▪ You are overdoing it with a sedentary life.

▪ You eat too much sugar.

▪ You are very stressed or depressed.

▪ You don't sleep well.

▪ You have a problem with your thyroid.

▪ Drink a lot of coffee.

▪ Intolerance to gluten.

▪ You are not getting enough nutrients.

▪ You have anemia.

▪ You are recovering from an infection or long-term side effects of coronavirus.

If you feel tired all the time, you need to discuss the problem with your doctor and to carry out all the #analysis to find any more evidence we are deficient.

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