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Back to school and viruses

We are well into #September and this year's warm #autumn, but the start of the #school_period for many #parents also means concern about #seasonal_viruses.

It is the period when #children come face to face with viruses that are transmitted very easily because at the same time that crowding in closed and unventilated spaces causes the easy transmission of viruses such as:




mild fever


and generally low or bad mood.

However, there is no need to panic, but correct treatment.

Initially, for as many days as the child shows weakness or any of the above symptoms, you should:

to remain at home for 48 hours

to rest in a well-ventilated area

to be fully hydrated

provide him with antipyretics

We can certainly avoid all of the above with proper #nutrition and #exercise, but above all, educate our children in the proper observance of the necessary #personal_hygiene measures.

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