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Frozen limbs. When is it a concern?

Cold hands and feet are a normal reaction of the body during the #winter_period without necessarily hiding another cause.


But if this happens even at mild temperatures, and causes changes in color or hardening of the skin with sores on the tips of the fingers then they should be checked by your #personal_doctor to make the correct #diagnosis and recommend #treatment.


Sufferers do not usually face serious problems, as long as they take adequate measures to protect against the #cold, i.e. wear gloves and socks and be physically active, in order to improve blood circulation and avoid frostbite.

Cold extremities combined with constant fatigue can be a symptom of #hypothyroidism, while in the elderly with cramps and abnormal changes in the nails, it can be a sign of peripheral #arterial disease, a condition that causes blockage or narrowing of the arteries that should be checked with #blood_tests.


In general, #cold_extremes do not inspire concern, but when the symptoms increase, then early diagnosis and treatment is deemed necessary.

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