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🇬🇧 How are infections spread in the school environment? 🏫🦠

In school, infections can spread rapidly.

Let's look at the most critical factors:

1️⃣ In the classroom: We spend most of our time here. It is essential to ensure good ventilation during breaks.

2️⃣ On the stairs: Crowded and narrow spaces facilitate transmission.

3️⃣ In the cafeteria: Especially when we gather in line, we need to maintain distance.

4️⃣ During physical activities: Physical contact during games can spread germs.

5️⃣ In the schoolyard: Crowds worsen the situation.

6️⃣ In the restroom: Possibly less frequent but not insignificant transmission.

To protect ourselves, we must follow individual hygiene measures, wear masks when necessary, and encourage hand hygiene. This way, we can reduce the risk of infection transmission in the school environment. 💪🧼

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