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Poor Sleep Quality and Endocrinology

Our #endocrine system has a two-way relationship with sleep, because #sleep affects it in various ways, and the functioning of the system affects the duration and quality of our sleep.


Sleep deprivation and #insomnia can cause disorders in:

▪️ Heart and Blood Vessels

▪️ Diabetes Mellitus

▪️ Metabolic syndrome

▪️ Body Weight

▪️ Menstrual Cycle for Women

▪️ Testosterone Levels in Men

▪️ Development in Children


The consequence is the development of various endocrine disorders, which concern:

▪️ Cortisol secretion

▪️ Insulin action

▪️ Carbohydrate Metabolism

▪️ Leptin production

▪️ Melatonin secretion

Sleep is crucial to human #health and well-being so Sleep Awareness aims to highlight how important it is to get a regular check-up and understand the importance of good sleep so we can improve.

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