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Seasonal infections

In the autumn months is the period when the first #respiratory #infections begin to appear, which will afflict, almost until spring, millions of people and students.

#Congestion, #fever, #cough and #sore throat which rarely present complications mainly in healthy people. Their #treatment does not require antibiotics but only palliative treatment with painkillers, antipyretics and good #nutrition.

Although nothing more than a common #cold these infections are unfortunately highly contagious. They are transmitted by talking, coughing, shaking hands and contaminated objects. There are no protective measures but only elementary preventive measures, avoiding closed countries with crowding, hand washing, mask and gloves where necessary.

Many of the symptoms have in common with other serious flus and viruses of the season and with the recommendation of our doctor we can do #examinations so that we can have the correct diagnosis and rule out any concerns.

Source (, 2021)

Neocleus Clinical Laboratories

Diagnostic clinical centers of Limassol


Neocleus Laboratory

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