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Sexually Transmitted Diseases. STDs

Since yesterday we celebrated love, we will refer to #sexually_transmitted_diseases which are #diseases or #infections that are transmitted from person to person through sexual intercourse.👫👭👬

Tests to diagnose sexually transmitted diseases include the following:

▪️ HPV virus (human papilloma virus)

▪️ Tests for Bacterial vaginitis

▪️ Chlamydia, gonorrhea

▪️ HIV (AIDS), Syphilis, Herpes

▪️ Hepatitis B, hepatitis C


Early #diagnosis and #treatment of a sexually transmitted disease can give a completely different course and prognosis, even when it comes to the most dangerous of them, AIDS.

For this reason, it is important for #patients to undergo a regular #preventive_checkup even if they have no symptoms.

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